Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Us Lately

Chase: crawling, sometimes with his left leg out like a pegleg, at his 9 month checkup last week he weighed 20 lb 5 oz (50th percentile) and was 30 inches long (90th percentile), laughs at everything Ethan does, makes a squinty-smiley-oh-so-cheesy-face when you do it at him (see picture below), loves food, is eating more real food, weaned to formula, sleeps 12 hours a night but only takes 2 naps a day, 45 minutes each, loves to carry around a Little People donkey (also in pictures), screams if you take it away at naps, wants to do everything Ethan does, loves his mommy.

Ethan: talking talking talking more and more every day, cracks us up all the time (ex: at the store the other day he started saying what we say to him when he's in trouble, but to Eric: "Daddy, look at me! Look at me! 1, 2, 3. Time out!"), loves Thomas the Train and Lightning McQueen, jumps off EVERYTHING- the coffee table, the fireplace, chairs..., doesn't eat much but will eat almost an entire box of mac n cheese by himself, trying unsuccessfully to potty train, loves to play cars, likes it when his friends come over to play, terrorizes his brother, enjoys going to therapy- physical, occupational, and now speech too, always wants juice, always calls Chase "Chaser", copies everything we say, loves his daddy and his grandparents.

Jessica: having fun with calling in Activity Days (8-11 year old girls), works about 5 hours a week at a cooking school and learns a ton!, just started training for a half marathon, shuttles kids around, tries to cook and clean but usually only gets one of those done each day rather than both, enjoys reading and blogging, wants to go snowboarding before this winter is over, appreciates her amazing husband and loves her boys!

Eric: Works nights at the hospital, sleeps days, has weekends off (yea!), already planning fishing trips for this summer, does some tutoring on the side, getting excited for Med school, looking for housing in Des Moines, IA, does so much for his wife, is reading Ronald Regan's autobiography, teaches amazing Gospel Principles lessons each Sunday, teases Ethan incessantly, very politically active/opinionated, loves his family.


Kristen Moss said...

I have so many comments, where to start?

First, kudos for posting. Thanks. I feel like it was just for me! :)

Chase is adorable. and he looks so fun. I can't believe he is so big CRAZY.

LOL on the little people donkey. CLASSIC.

THAT IS NOT ETHAN. That is a boy, with big boy teeth and big boy smile. He just looks like a big boy. WOW!!!!! But still so cute. He is definitely Ethan.

Jumping off things, teasing chase, yelling at daddy, he is definitely a boy.

Hey I am activity days leader too.

I hate you for training for a marathon. It is just like you to go do something amazing like that and leave me in the dust making me feel inadequate and lazy.

Nights YUCK. I bet you and Especially he will be glad to move and get that over with.


Keep posting... remember when i started my blog and you had to nag me to keep posting. You were my inspiration.

The Curtis Family said...

Oh I just love your boys and am so deeply sad that you guys chose IA.

Oh. I love you and Eric too :)

Kelly Smith said...

I can't believe how grown up Ethan is getting!! And Chase...he's still a cutie :) Hopefully we'll find out soon if we'll be in Alaska for sure this summer. I'm hoping we are so we can see you guys again! We've missed hanging out with you guys this year.

Sounds like things are going well for your family!

Amy said...

Loved the update. I can't believe how big both boys are getting! Cute pictures.