Thursday, March 11, 2010

Funny Boy

Ethan has been cracking me up lately with the things he says. Here are a few favorites from the last few days, I figured I should write them down so I'll remember them:

*After eating breakfast this morning and spilling milk all down his front, I took off Ethan's shirt and went to get him a new one. He ran away from me, so I asked him if he wanted a shirt on and he said, "No, I'm a naked boy!"

*Eric's parents have been out of town, and his Opa (Eric's dad) is pretty much his favorite person. They are coming back tonight, and I was telling this to Ethan, to which he replied, "I see Opa first, and Chase go see Grandma." Shows where his priorities are!

*The other day I was eating some tortilla chips and I asked Ethan if he wanted some. His response: "No, I'm good." Where does he come up with these things?

*Eric taught Ethan that when you ask him how old he is, instead of saying 2, he now says, "I'm almost 3!"

Gotta love it!


The Curtis Family said...

Wait, what??? I thought I was Ethan's favorite person. Who is this Opa punk???

Motherhood for Dummies said...

And don't forget his awesome bum bum dance Lucy taught him :)

Lydia Stewart said...

Jessica- You make me feel so good! I am no expert! I'll be the first to admit that. Usually it just comes on the fly and I roll with it (I should be better at planning!) But I have found a couple fun sites for kids just to play games on. One of them is The girls LOVE going through the letters. I had a friend tell me about that one. They also like the games but I sometimes have to sift through those to find the real educational ones. I usually just do a search, but I'll keep my eye out and post if I find anything else worth while! Thanks for making me feel like an expert on the subject! :) I miss you by the way! Wish you lived closer! We would have fun!-