Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Help Wanted: Toilet Training

Potty Training. Oh boy. I need to crack down on getting Ethan potty trained, but I need some help. I've been reading Toilet Training in Less Than a Day and it's a technique I want to try--basically you take a day and remove all distractions (including siblings), put the potty in an easily accessible place in the house, show them how to use the potty properly by demonstrating with a doll and even have them check to see if they are wet/dry and reward the doll for dry diapers, and then just encourage and reward and stay positive while they try it themselves. Sounds good, but maybe a little too idealistic that it will work in one day. Right now Ethan adamantly says "NO!" every time I tell him it's time to go potty, and is freaked out by diapers that pull up and down. Any suggestions? Any other books that you've read that helped? Anyone want to come do it for me?


Lindsay said...

Not that I'm an expert, I haven't even been down that road yet...but my cousin just told me about her method that worked great. They went to the store and he picked out some new big-boy underwear and then she let him have 2 pair of underwear for the day. He wore the first one until he had an accident and she let him put the 2nd pair on. He made it a while but then had another accident in his second pair but she made him keep them on! (yuck, but it worked, and hopefully it's just #1) And sure enough, the next day he had one accident and then when he got to his second pair, he would run to the potty and go because he didn't want to get the 2nd pair messy! And the next day, no accidents. And he's been doing great since. So anyway, that's my plan of action when the time comes...who knows if it works for everyone but the more suggestions the better, right? Good luck!

Rachel Vander Martin said...

We just potty trained Leah this week... it took 4 days. the first day was stressful... day two was better... by day three she was getting it. My aunt is the potty training pro! check out my blog for her suggestions. What we did is went to the store and got some special treats, small toys crayons, coloring things... what ever I could get for 10 bucks. then we told Leah tat these were her potty treats.
I got a egg timer and for the first three days every 45 min we sat on the potty. it was tough for the first few days, but soon we didn't need the timer. Each time she sat on the potty, she got a sticker to put on a special piece of paper. when she finally had a success, she got to pick a treat out. she is doing great now. We still use pull ups at night and naps

I hope this helps. My mom said that boys were harder to potty train. SHe would put fruit loops or cherrios in the toilet for my brothers to aim at.

Good Luck

Amy said...

Oh, the joys of potty training! I actually read that book and used those methods with both Natalie and Brooke, and it worked completely with both of them. It really only took half a day, and was so much easier than I thought it'd be. The book makes me laugh, though, how old fashioned and cheesy it is. Everything didn't work out exactly as it was portrayed in the book, but the overall method worked great. Good luck!

The Curtis Family said...

What worked for me for the first two: Get a full-time job and have your babysitter do it.

Good luck to ya!!

Kristen Moss said...


My mom was telling me about a potty training in a day thing. I wonder if it is the same thing. Is it by a lady who is Mormona and has a bunch of kids? That really narrows it down?!?!

Anywho I think it sounds like a great idea. I have heard that you should give them LOTS AND LOTS of water and then put them in the kitchen (becuase there is not carpet) and just let them be diaper free for the day and they will get it after peeing themselves a couple of times. THAT SOUNDS HORRIBLE, and kind of abusive, but hey, whatever works. Besides you would be right there in the kitchen with them and probably get peed on too.

Anonymous said...

What I used was 3-day potty training (just google it) and it worked really well! You have to pay for the e-book, though, but you do get free email support from the author. You can email her and ask her any questions at all. One day would be even better though, if it works! Good luck!

natandjusty said...

I used the 3 day method that Holli mentioned on both my boys. It is a stressful 3 days but after that you are done. This includes naps and nightime. They will always have accidents now and then but if you can make it through those first 3 days and stay positive then you've got it made. The e-book is called 3 day potty training and the lady that wrote the book lives in Lindon, Utah. It is very positive and that's what I like about it. Good luck!

Lydia Stewart said...

I love how much advise you get with a subject like this. :) Obviously this is something mothers feel passionate about! :)

You can do as you please, but from past experience- DON'T PUSH IT! (boy does that seem like an inappropriate phrase at a time like this! :) Seriously though- if he's not interested- don't rush. He will be soon enough and because he is getting older and just to save some money on diapers in just not enough reason- let him be the fasted potty-trained 4 or 5 year old ever.:) His having a desire is one of the most important things on the "readiness" list- here is a link http://www.babycenter.com/0_potty-training-readiness-checklist_4384.bc

I waited with Autumn and it was a whole different experience- Amberlee is still having accidents because I pushed her too early and Autumn caught on in less then a week. If you are feeling pressure from other people, just tell them you are being smart and waiting until he is ready- you'll both be happier in the long run.

Also (wow- I have a lot to say on the subject) DON'T BE WISHY WASHY. When you decide to do it, stick with it so you don't send mixed signals. You go back and forth because he keeps having accidents and it just messes them up- so make sure you are good and ready! :) I don't put a whole lot of stock in the "one-day" deals, but I think they have some good ideas on how to get started- it doesn't happen over night though- takes some time! BEST OF LUCK! You are such a good mom! I'm sure you'll figure it out!

Here is a link to what I did with Autumn- I saw a really cute poster idea with cars for a boy. It was worth the extra work.