Monday, April 12, 2010

Progress Report

So this is Ethan's progress as of Sunday night.

(Nothing fancy, but functional.)

Don't be fooled, he gets a sticker every time he sits on the potty, not every time he goes in the potty. Then every time he has sat 3 times he gets to watch a 20 minute episode of Dora the Explorer. It is seriously the best motivation you could give this kid, he loves that show.
I'd say this weekend was successful in 2 ways: 1- he went #2 in the potty twice and 2- he doesn't run the other way every time we mention going to sit on the potty. He happily goes and sits down everytime now, because he knows he'll get a sticker, but he just doesn't know what to do once he's there. We sit for 10-15 minutes, read stories, and talk about going potty, but I just don't think he gets it because he never went. The two times he went #2 we noticed he was about to go and ran him in there.
Over the weekend I kept him in diapers, so his misses weren't really accidents, but today we went and got him some "big boy underpants" and Resolve. Now we're in it for real. We had 2 accidents this afternoon-- again, he doesn't tell us when he has to go, just after the fact when he's wet. Help! Anyone have any suggestions?

As a side note, Chase was a pretty good sport this weekend. He thinks he's pretty hot stuff when he gets to ride Ethan's bike, and every time I get out the camera now he gets this cheesy grin on his face. He has added a few words to his vocabulary: Buh bye while waving, scoot (scoo), car, and he can sign all done while saying "da da" in the same tone I say "all done." He'll be 1 year old on Saturday!!


Amanda said...

You don't want my advice. You saw how things were with Evie a few weeks ago. I have no idea how, but one day last week it finally clicked and we've been accident free ever since. She tells us when she needs to go and we're in and out in less than two minutes. Stake conference was our first public outing without diapers. A dangerous game to play, but luckily everything worked out!

If he's not resisting, I say you are on the right track. Good luck!

Rachel Vander Martin said...

Just be patient.... remember that you are training yourself too. Its a rough go in the beginning.... but there is a silver lining and clean carpets in the future. I put a path of puppy training pads to the potty to catch any messes and that made a difference for my sanity.

Michael said...

I survived potty training boot camp with Natalie last summer, of course they would decide to start training just after I moved in! Daniel trained in three was three days of pure misery, but he's both day and night trained. Her big secret is NO DIAPERS after you start, once they're in underwear that's all they get. It makes sense--think about it. For 2+ years you've been taught to relieve yourself in a diaper, then all of a sudden the expectations change, except for when you're out of the house or at night. Kids need consistency, switching from diapers to underwear & back again drives them nuts. Makes sense, until you absolutely have to run to the grocery store to get milk and you KNOW they haven't gone in 2 hours and are going to need to the minute you get into the car....thankfully the dog training "pee pads" work great as car seat covers! On the other hand, I think it causes post tramatic stress disorder in parents--though Miley is starting to tell us when she needs to go potty Natalie refuses to start training again so soon. I, on the other hand, would be thrilled to have everyone out of diapers, nothing for Cayden to throw down the stairs on my head....ok, so he'd just come up with something else (probably harder)...but really, how many days to we have to play "Stink Diaper express"?

Heather (on dad's account, sorry...)

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