Tuesday, June 17, 2008

New Found Freedom

As Ethan's crawling skills have been developing, he has discovered a love for doors, of all things. He loves to push them open and closed, and luckily theres a small space between the door and the carpet on most of them so he doesn't squish his fingers. Also, every time we open the front door he makes a mad dash for it.

He still won't crawl on the linoleum (except in the entry way) which sort of surprises me. He will crawl right up to the edge and either stretch his hands as far onto it as he can as long as his legs are still on carpet, or he'll plop down on the edge and start playing. This makes it kind of nice because he hasn't gotten into the kitchen or bathroom cupboards yet, which is one of the things that makes crawling babies not so much fun. But we're proud of how well he's doing with it, and he's already pulling himself up on things! It's actually really nice having him able to crawl because he entertains himself so much better. He was starting to get really frustrated when he wanted a toy that was a little too far for him to reach, so he'd just start whining instead. Not that crawling has eliminated the whining, but now he can do a lot more for himself.


Lamb Family said...

His hair looks like it is coming in thicker, what a cutie! We sure miss you guys.