Saturday, March 21, 2009

Jessica Needs

So I saw this on a friends blog and wasn't going to post it but the results were pretty funny- especially #3! You just go to Google and type in '(your first name) needs' and you see what pops up.
Here were some of my results:

1. Jessica needs your help
2. Jessica needs Coffee
3. Jessica needs her 'Eric' time --- no joke, it said it just like that! It was perfect :)
4. Jessica needs Facebook
5. Jessica needs a haircut
6. Jessica needs to know she is beautiful
7. Jessica needs to go to AUSTRALIA

And the moral of this post is: Jessica Needs a life. :)


Amanda, Brian and Katherine said...

thats really funny about the eric time! what a coincidence!

so katherine's birthday party is this saturday (the 28th) at 3:30 and i'd love if you and ethan could come! let me know! its at my apartment.