Monday, May 10, 2010

Just today...

Just today, a normal day of the week, a lot of things have happened that I know I will want to remember. So excuse me for using my blog as a journal for a few minutes, but this is the only way I'll know where I wrote it down.

Just today, Chase is WALKING!! It's actually been a process over the last 2 weeks, but today he is walking and able to stop himself, turn, and continue walking in the opposite direction without falling. Yesterday was the first day he could stand up from the middle of the room and didn't have to pull himself up on furniture. Today he learned how to blow a kiss (slobbers on his hand then flings it in the air and says MA!) but he also learned to climb out of his crib. When he woke up from his nap Ethan walked in and Chase really wanted his sippy cup, and diving to get it he fell. After lots of snuggles and a sippy of his own he was back to his normal wild self. His new words are go, cheese, mouse (for Mickey Mouse), and he can sign "eat."

Just today Ethan started to pretend more than normal. All before bed he kept insisting that his name was Chase, and he showed me how well he could walk, and climbed up in Chase's crib and pretended to sleep. Not only that he wanted me to call Chase Ethan. Today Ethan found my high heels and walked around in them constantly, no matter how much noise they made in the kitchen or how many times Chase tried to take them from him. I'm sure Eric would have died if he saw it, but I thought he was pretty hilarious! Today Ethan and I started trying to memorize a scripture-- this kid has amazing memorizing skills when it comes to songs, so I figured why not apply it to something useful? We worked on Moses 1:39 and although I think it will take a while before he can say the whole thing by himself, he can fill in most of the words when I pause. I am going to try to work on a different scripture with him every week, and this will help me too!


Kristen Moss said...

Ok I love this post for multiple reasons.

YAY for journaling. I am big on that.
Yay for posting. I love hearing about your awesome family
Yay for chaser, so cute, I wish I could meet him.
Yay for ethan what a big boy, I LOVE HIM.
And YAY five million times for mama. You are such a great mom. You are a great example of everything they talked about in this last conference. I love the scripture idea and never even thought about it. thanks for the idea and the example. I love blogs for this reason, we can all learn from each other. Keep up the good work. I am so impressed by you!

Amy said...

How fun! Thanks for sharing! That's so great your boys are doing such fun things! Have a great day!

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Ola..adorei o post de vcs!!!
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